Trying out this whole blogging thing…

Hi, all! I’m Jenny. I just started cooking in August of  2013. What you need to know about me is that prior to August I had never cooked anything that involved a stove or oven. Yep. I’m that person. The one that could only work two appliances successfully: the toaster and the microwave.

One thing I’ve learned since I started is that cooking is freaking scary. Raw meat, knives, burning heat… it’s the stuff nightmares are made of. I consider a meal a success if I survive making it and nobody dies after eating it.

I decided to blog about my journey into the word of cooking because I figured there might be other people like me out there. People with the desire to cook, but a bit of anxiety about it as well. I plan to share recipes I’ve tried and whether they were successes or failures and any injuries sustained in the making of the dish. Come with me as I traverse the treacherous world of cooking.



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