What’s For Dinner?

So, today instead of making one of the dozens of recipes on my must-make list I opted to try one of the Recipe Makers from Kraft. You get a marinade and a sauce in the box.

So, you add the marinade at the start of cooking. Let me say that after catching the scent of the marinade I almost pitched the whole thing because it was pretty awful to smell.

But, I had bought it so I pressed on, hoping that I wasn’t about to ruin a perfectly good roast. So, I threw in the marinade and let it cook for 10ish hours. The smell never did improve, so when I got to the last half hour of cooking or so, I was understandably nervous about the outcome. Was I going to have to get fast food after all of my cooking efforts? (Okay, so the crockpot did most of the effort, but still…)

So I scooped out the marinade and added the finishing sauce. Thankfully, the finishing sauce smelled AMAZING! Things were looking up. After making my sides I ended up with this plate (which did look pretty tasty, if I do say so myself.)

Verdict: Win

Despite the questionable smell of the marinade, the roast came out tasting delicious. The finishing sauce was amazing and the meat ended up tasting as if I had smoked it. Yummy!


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