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Super Easy Breakfast Scramble

So, my family loves breakfast. I occasionally like to make breakfast for dinner, but I don’t do it often because it can be so much work and I like things as easy and quick as possible.

I threw this scramble together because I happened to have two ham steaks I got for 50 cents each thanks to coupons. It wasn’t enough for the whole family, so I figured I would dice it up and throw it in with eggs and cheese.


  • 1 ham steak, diced
  • 4 slices of American cheese
  • 1 dozen eggs


  1. Pour your scrambled eggs into a skillet and add diced ham and cheese.

Super easy! I served it with hashbrowns, biscuits and bacon (because breakfast without bacon is kind of sad.)

Verdict: Win

This was a great way to use the ham steak. It wasn’t enough to be the main dish of any other meal, so mixing it in with the eggs worked out perfectly. Plus, it ended up being a really cheap meal which is always a bonus for me.